LSU Athletic Training is a pioneer in the use of sound nutritional practices for student-athletes with two-full time nutritionists and sports nutrition interns. 

 Katherine Hopkins, Nutritionist

Katherine Hopkins, Nutritionist

Katherine Hopkins is in her first season with the program. Hopkins works directly with the gymnasts to make sure that there nutrition needs are met for complete success inside and out of the gym.

Hopkins provides an interactive and innovative approach to educating student-athletes on the importance of the timing, quality and quantity needed to sustain elite-level activity.  Hopkins is an excellent educator on nutrition as she provides both team seminars and individual consultations for the gymnasts.

LSU boasts three “fueling stations” on campus that provide student-athletes the opportunity to eat healthy snacks to maintain peak physical strength throughout each day. The fueling stations are located in the Cox Communications Academic Center for Student-Athletes, inside the Football Operations Center weight room and in the Tiger Stadium weight room.